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Wobbler room

Our wobbler rooms cater for children from 10/12 months to 2 years. The adult child ratio in the wobbler room is 1:3/5

The wobbler room in both services are divided into different areas of interest and the children can choose which area they play in.  Some of the areas include the home corner, block area, messy area, and quiet area.  A large selection of toys are always accessible to the wobbler room children to promote their physical, social, emotional, and communication development as well as to encourage co-operate play.

Learning experiences in the wobbler room include, music, relaxation, singing, reading, art, water play, messy play, sensory play, heuristic play, treasure baskets, free play, and outdoor play.

There is a changing area and sleep room connected to both wobbler rooms. 

All feeding, sleeping, changing, medicine administration etc is recorded throughout the day in the child’s diary and discussed with parents at collection that evening. This helps parents to monitor their child’s routine closely.

Each child has their own cot and sheets in the wobbler sleep rooms which are washed regularly. As well as baby monitors, staff physically check and record in writing, their observations of the wobbler, every ten minutes while they are sleeping. 

Large tv screens are located in each wobbler room to allow staff to view sleeping children at all times.

The wobbler children have access to the outdoor area various times throughout the day where their physical and social development can be stimulated.

Structured play and planned activities are incorporated in the wobbler room daily routine where the Aistear and Siolta curriculums are practiced and implemented by staff.


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