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Toddler Room

The toddler room caters for children from 2 years – 3.5 years approximately. The adult child ratio is 1:6.

When children reach the toddler room, they are offered a more structured play and learning environment catering to their individual needs. This is a transitional time for your child and while in this room you will see many changes. Children’s vocabulary will increase, putting together sentences instead of just words. Our staff constantly encourage language development and positive behaviour management.

This room has an extensive variety of toys appropriate to the children’s age including a home corner with kitchen area, dressing up equipment, trains, cars, painting, blocks, jigsaws, creative activities, sensory play, and outdoor play facilities. All toys stimulate the children's sensory explorations, independence, and creativity. The children, whilst under close supervision enjoy a wide variety of age-appropriate activities, which aim to enhance their creative and social development. Some activities include cutting, gluing, sand, painting, and play dough. Outdoor play is an important and enjoyable activity which the children participate in daily.

The toilet training process most often takes place in the toddler room. Parents are encouraged to work closely with staff at this stage, to ensure the child is ready for the toilet-training process and to follow our toilet training policy in so far as possible to help ensure the transition is as smooth and stress free as possible for the child.

At this stage children will begin to make friends, while also enjoying taking part in group activities. By the time your child is ready to leave the Toddler Room they will have a good level of communication and will now be able to retain vast amounts of information and to formulate ideas.

Again, the Aistear and Siolta curriculums are implemented in the Toddler room.


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